November 19, 2016

Will the Cannabis Industry be effected Trump’s Attorney General Sessions?

Cannabis Industry effected Trumps Attorney GeneralThe dinosaur views of Jeff Sessions, the up and coming nominee for US Attorney General thanks to President Elect Donald Trump, will likely affect the Cannabis Industry.  Sessions has been quoted stating that people who use marijuana are not good people and supported groups like the Ku Klux Klan until he found out they smoked marijuana.

Not only are Sessions’ views archaic, he’s an extremist and will likely push for regression we’ve worked so hard to fight for in regards to progression of drug laws and its healthy use.  President Elect Donald Trump has stated he will leave the issue to the state level, so hopefully our new AG follows the orders of his new boss.

There are bigger issues to handle in our country and that is a fact.  Whether or not our new administration chooses to use the “War On Drugs” as a way to make money off of our great country is really where the issue lies.  What about the fact that over 23,000 studies tout the benefits of medical cannabis for people facing everything from Alzheimer’s disease to chronic pain to diabetes, and cannabis is becoming mainstream? Do these findings no longer matter?  Will we as a society revert back to the days of prohibition and begin to smuggle and hide our stashes?

We shouldn’t ignore what the Cannabis Industry as done economically in the states where it’s used both recreationally and medicinally.  See the stats below as an example pulled


More than 1.2 million people already use medical marijuana for a wide variety of medical problems, from cancer to epilepsy to depression. If you’re not sure how the industry is shifting, consider these statistics:


The estimated size of the legal U.S. marijuana industry (both medical and recreational) in 2016 – a boost of more than 25% over the year 2015. This substantial increase is linked to massive growth in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and other states expected to approve both medical and recreational use.


The percentage of Americans who support the legalization of marijuana for medical treatment if prescribed by a doctor. In 2011, 74% did. Attitudes toward marijuana continue to shift, with the public becoming accepting toward marijuana use every single year.


States (and Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico) that have already legalized medical marijuana, with some states gearing up for votes on recreational marijuana including Nevada, Maine, and California. Broadening acceptance of recreational marijuana could push half a dozen states to legalize it by the end of 2016.


The amount of recreational and medical marijuana sales in Colorado in 2015 alone. Meanwhile, Washington has brought in over $661 million in recreational sales since marijuana was legalized. Tax revenue from states where recreational marijuana is legal is already being used to fund education, improve infrastructure, and feed the homeless.


The estimated size of the 2015 hemp market, including CBD products ($65 million), foods ($90 million), and personal care products ($147 million). This marks an estimated 10% increase over 2014, and doesn’t even include sales data from big box retailers, which could more than double the estimate.


Percentage of physicians who support nationwide legalization of medical cannabis. Oncologists and Hematologists are the biggest supporters. As acceptance by the medical community snowballs, physicians are petitioning to open quality testing labs, marijuana clinics, and other businesses.


These are indeed factual numbers.  Supporters must unite and help all to change the way Cannabis users are viewed.  As with any substance, there will be abusers and those abusers, as with alcohol for example, have to pay the price for over-consumption etc… We can make a change.   The power of positive growth in the Cannabis Industry is still in its beginning stages. Read, educate and spread the knowledge.

Statistics and References: Huffington

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