August 25, 2016

Treat It with Gemstonz Med – Product Review

It all started at the High Times Cannabis Cup Expo this past July.  Brandy rushed me over the the Gemstonz booth IMG_2181to gush about all their amazing products.  Five minutes into my conversation with Marcy she mentioned her award winning product “Treat It“.

Learning about this alternative to painful surgeries that may not even work and or taking prescription pills that will lets be honest lead to other health issues I couldn’t wait to try this little “gem” (hee hee) on my carpel tunnel.  I’m a full-time photographer which means on most days I”m carrying around a 7lb. camera for at a minimum 8 hours a day.  These last few years I’ve become worry some that I won’t be able to shoot much longer as the once dull achy pains started to become at times unbearable.

Gemstonz MED

After one week passed (No I’m not kidding) of consistent use while shooting or editing at my keyboard the pain has diminished to almost 90%, thats insane!  It has become so dull that I sometimes forget to put it on when I start shooting, however I’m getting much better at keeping myself in check!

Check out Gemstonz Med and their incredible line of products!  I’ve got the website open now, and ready to fill my shopping cart 🙂


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