December 5, 2016

Stop Suffering From Constant Migraines

Suffering from Chronic Migraines and all types of Headaches for the last 2 decades has taken a major toll on me.  I have been put on Topamax,  Amitriptyline, Fioricet, and Propanolol just to name a few, and with these prescribed meds comes some not so fun side effects!  
stop suffering from constant migraines

stop suffering from constant migraines

I’ve had injections, tried all the triptans such as Maxalt and Imitrex.   Doctors would say,  “take this pill you need to sleep better, it will help!”  I heard that one to many times!  It’s even taken a toll in relationships where the other person just could not understand what I was dealing with.  Being told “it’s all in your head, just get out of bed!” doesn’t feel so good.  I am a single mother with 2 daughters that have seen me spend whole days in bed.  My youngest once sang a song. “Mommy has a migraine”. Kinda cute, but  also extremely taxing on my confidence levels! Having migraines effects everyone in your life, whether it be personal or business relationships.  The days your supposed to show up for an event and you just cant make it and have to cancel last minute are embarassing and also the time where no one truly understands what you’re going through.  At times it is tough to ever want to commit to anything because I can’t guarantee that tomorrow is gonna be a good day.  

I always knew that smoking cannabis helped most of the time especially if I caught it soon enough.  I am finally stop suffering from constant migrainesgetting some relief from using a cannabis tincture on a daily basis.  A cannabis tincture is in a liquid form and you use a dropper under your tongue.  My go to right now is Moxie meds and you can read more at the link.  When I am experiencing a migraine I have found a few great topicals I can use to help also.  Apothocanna relief spray is one that got me through work just recently.   I sprayed it on my temples and my neck just about every 20 mins.  What I have learned over the past few months is how important it is for my Endocannabinoid system to use the tincture everyday.  If you have suffered like me and want to try something that will not only help your migraines but your pms, your anxiety and even depression you really need to take the time to educate yourself and understand there is a better way with cannabis as a healthy alternative.  We all know how horrible it is to waste a whole day in bed because of a migraine or any chronic illness.
stop suffering from constant migraines  
What are you afraid of? My advice is to find a tincture that is at least a 4:1 ratio like moxie meds. It’s not going to get you high or “stoned” the key is to be consistent and take it every day or night.  I have been on moxie meds for about 4 months now, and have been able to cut back on my migraine medications.  Is cannabis working for you, stop suffering from Migraines and try healthy Cannabis use.  Please comment below what works for you, is there a certain strain you use? Let’s start talking about what helps.
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