July 12, 2016

Moxie Meds

Moxie Meds ReviewI have been taking Moxie meds “Relief” for 7 weeks now.  My last 2 periods were the easiest I have had in a really long time.  My cramps and migraines were manageable with out having to smoke or vape cannabis all day.  I take the 4:1 (Recovery) CBD-THC every night, about 6-10 drops.  Again every one is different and should figure out what works for them.

One Bottle which retails for about 35 dollars should last you about a month depending on how much you use.

This tincture tastes good and I can manage to take it under my tongue.  Of course you can take it with Juice if needed.  They also have a 1:1(Relief) for aches and pain. I just started using this one and will give you an update next month.  You can check out there website at for more info on the product and some great resources.


More info from the Moxie Meds Website

Moxie Meds is a revolutionary all natural cannabis medicine grown, produced and thoughtfully designed specifically formoxiemedswomen, by women. We’ve combined MCT oil and full plant extract to provide patients with the best possible medications to
assist with menstrual cramps and hormonally related stress.  By mixing the plant medicine of our past with the hope of our future, we seek to bring balance and ease to the toughest times on women’s bodies and minds.  Moxie Meds embraces this synergy of ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge, and of plant and body, to provide the most comprehensive relief for moderate to severe pain associated with menstrual cycles including menopause, endometriosis and all associated emotional and physical stress.


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