January 23, 2017

Healthy Cannabis Gummies are here and they’re called Kushy Punch

Healthy Cannabis Gummies Kushy PunchSOooo Many gummies so little time! How do you decide what healhty cannabis gummy is the one you will pick at the dispensary?  Is it the one with the most THC? Are you looking for the Healthy one, or one with CBD?

Healthy Cannabis Gummies are here and they are called Kushy Punch

I think most women would agree, that we want to know exactly what’s in our edibles.  We aren’t looking for the gummy with the most THC, and I would like the packaging to tell me all the ingredients and how many milligrams of THC and CBD.  I remember when I used to go to a dispensary and the only choice was a rice krispy treat or cookie with 200-500 mg’s of THC (thats a LOT of THC folks!!) not to mention, loads of sugar!  I would only be able to take a small bite and that’s all I needed.  The one thing most of us health concious ladies do not like about gummies, is most of them are made with corn syrup.Healthy Cannabis Gummies Kushy Punch  I noticed today that Kushy Punch is made with tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar.  Better than corn syrup.  What I loved about Kushy Punch is each package is labeled extremely well with exactly what is in it, and gives you a warning to only take “10 milligrams until you are familiar with the effect”

Another gummy company I tried recently was from Nevada called Cannavative.  These gummies are made with corn syrup, however they are small and each gummy has 10 mg of cannabis thc or cbd.  When you buy something now in Nevada what you do get is testing that assures you are not consuming harmful pesticides, and you are receiving accurate dosing content.

Both companies did a great job to inform the consumer how to consume edibles responsibly.

To Learn More about their product line and ingredient info please visit their websites listed below.

Kushy Punch:


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