December 11, 2016

GFarma Labs Liquid Gold Honey

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to try this honey that I’ve been hearing about non stop.  I’m a big hot tea drinker and I thought why not add a little bit of THC Honey into my tea time to get the full benefits of some relaxing tea.  Not only is this a great solution for Cannabis users that do not smoke or use concentrates, however it’s extremely easy.  Sometimes the different methods in which we ingest our cannabis tends to get a bit over whelming.

liquid-gold-honey-lemon reviewWith edibles I’m always cautious as more times than not, the recommended dose is far beyond enough for me.  I’m the type of Cannabis user that doesn’t want to be knocked on my butt, I just want that one to two glasses of wine feeling when I’m done :)  Naturally honey in my tea just made sense!

This 100% RAW Honey comes in a small size jar, however don’t be fooled by this jar’s size.  It’s effects are powerful.  Their honey is processed in the USA, contains no high fructose corn syrup, no added sugar, just 100% Raw and Unfiltered honey.  You can also find it in three awesome flavors: Original, Cinnamon & Lemon.  I opted for original, but I’ve heard good things about the others.

Poking around on their website and from some other blogs I became curious about others experiences and the recommended dosage.  I had one friend tell me it was so intense and strong for her while another said it was very nice and mellow.  I took about a half a tablespoon (maybe less) and within 45 minutes felt very relaxed.  It was nice,  I could still write and was carrying on with my day.  About another 45 minutes passed, so now at two hours about from time of ingestion I had to take a break, my brain wanted to nap and to get some peace and quite.  Granted I am a homeschooler so things tend to get a little noisy around my office mid day.  Probably not a good idea to have my tea time so early.

All in all I love this product.  It’s such a good deal for the $20 bucks I paid!!  On my next tea time I plan to take about a 1/4 tablespoon.  Not because I don’t enjoy a good nap, but time is money and I’m all about that Sativa life!!

GFarma Labs has some amazing products, their Chocolate is to die for ladies!  Check out their entire product line here at their official website.

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