November 9, 2016

Cannabis Legalization in California

I watched as the votes were being tallied and watched amazed as the news of California becoming a recreational legal state both appeases and upsets folks across the Golden State.  I chat with family and friends that do not use Cannabis for recreational or medicinal use and they seem to be completely unaware of the other side of the cannabis table.  It blows my mind to be such an open person when it comes to cannabis and the good I believe it can do for the sick and suffering, while yet there is such a non issue for so many.  Not meaning they are against or even upset by this topic.  It’s as if it doesn’t even cross many folks minds on the day to day.

Nugg of CannabisFor many of us in Cannabis Community, this wonderful green beauty saves us each day.  Whether we are suffering from chronic pain, headaches or spend our nights tossing and turning, having our tinctures, flower and other cannabis products is key for us to function and has given us the freedom to say no to the prescription pills.  Even though for some this seems like drug use, for us Cannabis-adians this is the best alternative without a doubt.

While the news of it’s legalization is exciting theres also a sting, I’d guess around half the Cannabis world.  Many supporters of legalization are saddened by the rules and laws that will change, some for the worse.  As I try and wrap my brain around what is going to happen to such a special industry that has so many big hearted healers pouring their blood sweat and tears into making these products, providing unique services and risking everything.  As I tried my hardest to finish this article way before this election night was up, my heart sinks more as I see our country divided amongst two below mediocre options.

What will our new President do to the Cannabis world?  This bolstering bully comes on board with some not so supportive members.  Are the risks going to increase?  Is there going to be a tax that will make our favorite products unaffordable?  Will we have to revert to hiding in Cannabis use as to keep our jobs?  With California, Massachusetts and Nevada all in for the win, it’s best for us to focus on ward.  Keep educating and sharing experiences and hope with people you know that aren’t knowledgeable on the proper use of Cannabis.  The more we can lower the fear, the less the hot button the issues

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