We are here to educate women on how Cannabis can be used to treat so many womens (mental and physical) Health issues. Maybe you haven’t tried cannabis, maybe your intimidated, however your here which means your curious why it might work for you.

There are so many options for medicating

We are here to help educate you so you know all your options.   Cannabis has come such a long way since the smoking of pot back when we were in high school.   You don’t even have to smoke it anymore to reep the benefits.  You don’t have to be “high” either. The options for medicating are endless and that’s why we started cannabis for women this non-profit (site) you’ve stumbled upon.

We are here to Open up a discussion between women and cannabis.  This miracle plant can help and it’s time that women start talking about it and what works for them.

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Our Mission

As medical marijuana makes it’s way across the states our goal is to help fund more studies on the effects of CBD’s and THC and educate you along the way.

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Our Team

Who’s we are

Brandy Flores
Creator of Opportunity
I am a mother, ex-fitness model, and not your typical stoner. I've had health issues for years and struggled with finding a cure. With the help of cannabis I can say that I am better & I don’t need all those prescriptions and neither do you! By the time I was in my early 30’s, I was on about 14 different medications for migraines, anxiety and depression. I'm serious about curing health issues with Cannabis.
Amber Goetz
Chief Troublemaker
I'm Amber! I have a very strong ambitious personality, I'm a healthy mom who's always been a cannabis supporter. Over the past few years my online skills as a programmer, branding guru and social media ass kicker have become my source for income, so naturally when Brandy and I began to chat about the opportunity to help other women like us, I jumped on board ready to bring what I can offer!
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